‘Dallas’ was founded in 1990 in Tutin, as a family upholstered furniture factory. The company grew continuously, employing more and more staff. The intensive growth in terms of economy, technology and investments started in 1994 when a modern upholstered furniture factory was built with the latest available technology and equipment. In parallel, the company also experienced a rapid increase in the number of employees. Over the two decades of tradition and production experience, ‘Dallas’ became a well-known brand in the markets of Serbia and all other countries in the region. Nowadays, the company holds some 75,000 sqm of business premises, of which some 35,000 sqm are production and storage facilities.
Today, ‘Dallas’ includes a factories of leather seating sets, upholstered furniture, massive and panel furniture, primary wood processing, sponge production, as well as retail stores, furniture salons, and department stores.
The company also owns drying kilns, a modern vehicle pool of specialized vehicles for furniture transportation to buyers and a complete service staff.

The company established the quality management system certified under SRPS ISO9001:2001 and IQNET, which also enabled export sales. With a longstanding tradition in upholstered furniture production, the company won many local and international awards.
The company operates in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Production and services occupy several factories, retail facilities and warehouses that form a compact organizational whole:

Retail facilities, department stores and warehouses are located in almost all larger cities in Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, including business units in Novi Sad, Sarajevo and Podgorica.

During the intensive growth, the company developed its retail network of department stores in all of the major cities in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro, with a dominant position in those markets, while also steadily establishing its place in the European market.


Dallas’ Quality Management System is compliant and certified under the JUS ISO 9001:2001 standard.

Standardi Standardi


The company pays special attention to employees, because they are the company’s driving force. By providing benefits and loans to employees, the company contributes to improvement of their social and economic status. Exceptional business performance over the last few years is not just a result of quality production, but also of the service provided by our employees in the modern furniture salons furnished in accordance with the latest market standards.


With a longstanding tradition of upholstered furniture production, the company has won numerous national and international awards.



Dallas’ strategy is to ensure long term expansion of business in the European and overseas markets, based on pillars of quality, design and competitive pricing. The company’s management is focused upon the future, which is why the Dallas brand warrants trust and security, basing the professional dignity on the satisfaction of its customers.